Rowenta Pro Compact Steamer IS1430

Rowenta Pro Compact Steamer IS1430 – A great compact and nicely designed machine that does its purpose efficiently. Another quality product from a reputable brand Rowenta, which is practically designed for easy use and comfort at the same time. If you are having difficulty in taking away sharp creases and wrinkles that are really hard to remove, this product is the answer.

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Rowenta DR5015 Garment Steamer Review

Rowenta DR5015 Garment Steamer Review – This ergonomic and easy to use product that is Rowenta DR5015 800 Watt Ultra Steam Brush with Travel Pouch. This lightweight product is best for quick and light duty needs touch ups. Unbelievably warms up in as short as 30 seconds, useful especially if you are rushing for an appointment or any event for that matter. The product holds up water or sits idle whenever you pause for a while to do something else quickly. Hence, it does not continue giving off steam or leak at all, which saves water in its reservoir. The exterior does not get hot so it is safe to use and hassle free too!

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Rowenta DG8430

Rowenta DG8430 – If you are looking for a steam iron that has got heaps of steam going on to provide professional finish on your garments, and then this magnificent product is the one you should be having at your home! Being German made, Rowenta has once again added a product under its wings. A very impressive one at that. Try steam ironing your clothes and other garments using Rowenta DG8430 Pro Precision Steam Station and you will never look back to the previous one you have been using!

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